"Remember Me" - Paul deLay

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What the people are saying...

John washburn
Tue, Jan 31, 2017
"Commemorating your 65th birthday today by playing some of your recordings. Enjoyed participating in your Sunday jam nights in 1990 when lived in Portland. Always a kind gent. Thanks for your great music...."

Stephen jackendoff
Thu, Nov 24, 2016
"I'm trying to figure what key Paul is playing on mean old world ,what harp and what position. I think it's f with a bflat harp in 3rd. Thanks in advance "

Nick Trill
Sun, Nov 08, 2015
"I had the great pleasure to see Paul on two occasions. Once at the 1979 San Francisco Blues Festival and once at a private Christmas Party for his wife's company in Portland in 1994. Paul is by all means a ground breaking harmonica player. His style even today is unmatched in a modern approach to traditional playing. He was and is still a unique presence in blues. And that says a lot.Thank you Paul. "

Tony Black
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
"Had the pleasure of hearing "great big kid" on KJLU Blues Flight yesterday. That's gonna be my new theme song!!!! Fantastic tune. "

Phil Goodwin
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
"I've been a fan of the band for a few years and just can't believe that a person like Paul who had so much energy is no longer around. Being from the UK I am sadly yet to meet another person who is aware of Paul. I'd intended flying over one day for a holiday and taking in both the North West and Chicago when the band was touring. I'm hoping now that any dvds that are released will be available in either PAL or region free. Rest in peace Paul. Phil from London, UK "

Lance Booth
Mon, Jun 03, 2013
"Hey, I am nobody but a guy that had the pleasure to see Paul at the CandleLight... Some of the best times there were watching Paul on Sunday Night Jams! Some great music..."

Thomas Westman
Mon, Feb 11, 2013
"Still remember 2013"

Doug Perkett
Tue, Jan 15, 2013
"I first heard Paul deLay when I bought a compilation blues CD and on it was a song called “ I want to be loved”. Well this mans style just grabbed my attention, his gravelly voice, superb harp playing and always accompanied by a hot band. I am currently doing researching for an article I will be submitting to the Launceston Blues Club newsletter. For those of you who don't know where Launceston is, we are in Tasmania which is a state of Australia. Thanks Paul for the great music Doug LBC President"

David Cox
Thu, Jun 28, 2012
"Listening to Nice and Strong as I write this. Hardly a day goes by right now when I'm not thinking about Paul and his music. I met him a few times in Portland and saw him perform lots. A real inspiration to me to learn how to play chromatic and even though I've headed in a different direction I still credit him with being someone who could make playing chromatic melodic, gutsy and totally funk-awesome! I can't even get close to that but am still inspired. Thanks Paul! Remember you? hell yes, Forever man."

Dolores Wyman
Mon, Dec 20, 2010
"thank You, brother"

Jonathan Drechsler
Wed, Nov 10, 2010
"In '84 or '85 I had the great privilege of subbing for bassist Don Campbell (who had dislocated a shoulder) on a road trip with the Delay band, which at that time included Jim Mesi, Dave Stewart, and Paul Jones. It was an adventure and an education. I've played with some great harp players, including Sugar Blue, Curtis Salgado, Danny Russo, and the legendary Bill Dicey, and Paul was right up there, as well as writing great songs and singing the crap out of them. "

Larry Randolph
Fri, Feb 19, 2010
"I had a public radio blues show here in Monterey and Paul was one of the mainstays. Such a fabulous player and warm soul to rap with in between sets...His witty lyrics and dynamite band along with virtuoso harp wailings were SO memorable...God Bless Ya Bro"

Rollie Corey
Wed, Feb 03, 2010
"I found a negative from a picture of the Paul DeLay band, not sure what date it is from. It is encased in a nice plastic holder and on back it says Paul Delay Band - Photo - Ross Hamilton. I would be glad to send if anyone would like it. "

Peggy deLay
Sun, Jan 31, 2010
"Happy Birthday Paul....thinking about and missing you."

lloyd Austin
Sat, Oct 10, 2009
"Iam an old friend of zollie polk, Just want to know how to reach him."

Troy Parkinson
Sun, Jul 26, 2009
"Was wondering, what the chances were of getting the album "American Voodoo" on CD? It seems i am in dire need of it :)"

Bernard Kirkbride
Tue, Jul 14, 2009
"I was only talking about Paul a couple of days ago with a friend who'd never heard of him and it reminded me to pick out my cd's and play them yet again. And then today I thought I'd check out the website and was so very saddened to hear that Paul is no longer with us. The really weird thing is that Paul passed away on the same date as my birthday so next time I'm celebrating the passing of my years, I'll be remembering and celebrating the passing of a truly great and not well known enough quality bluesman."

Mon, Jul 06, 2009

Mike Kalby
Thu, Jun 11, 2009
"Hard to believe it's been more than two years that Paul has been gone. It seems like only last month that he was playing at my wedding reception (that marriage is over...), that I was seeing him set up for shows at the Cascade, at Trail's End, or some other little place near PDX. Paul's music lives on, of course, but there's still a big hole. Looking at the lineup for the Portland Waterfront festival, there's no Paul in the harmonica blow off, no Paul Delay band featuring David Vest. I can't imagine how it feels for Peter Damann, Dave Kahl and Jeff Minnick. Like the hole left in the world for Double Trouble after Stevie Ray left us... Somewhere, hopefully, Paul is jamming with William Clarke, Stevie Ray, and a host of other blues greats who passed away much too young- taking his rightful place as one of the best ever. "

Heidi Peterson
Mon, Mar 30, 2009
"Ah paul! I am still sick to think that I passed up the opportunity to see you in Salem in 2005--I did not know your music yet, or I would have been the first in line. Your heartfelt style and sense of humor are inspirations to me as I pursue my own career as a blues singer. I wish I could have seen you in person, but your music permeates my heart and my soul. Thank you!"

gary Blaske
Tue, Feb 10, 2009
"Paul was bar none the best blues player I've ever heard, he always touched my heart with his style and from the the heart way about him,i was always right up front when this man played. Even back in the 70's when he played with brown sugar at the crystal ball room i knew then he was a great musician. Rest in peace Paul, i will always think of you when i hear the blues. your friend forever Gary"

christopher robin, Ft. C
Sun, Feb 01, 2009
"Sometimes: "It takes a tortured man"--to write a troubled song. See you soon Paul.. christopher robin and the family"

Warren Powers
Mon, Oct 27, 2008
"Just listening again to "Paulzilla" and found a tear headed for the floor.. Just missing you big buddy..... just missing you .... Warren "

Russell Harris
Tue, Sep 16, 2008
"I first saw Paul Delay in 1978 after zipping my bike non-stop down a long North Portland avenue with my friend billy on the hadlebars to get to the White Eagle bar in time for all you can eat clams before 6:00. That scary event brouhgt me to stay and listen to one of the greatest blues artists I've known. Seen him a lot after that, up until 2000 in Seatle's old town. He will be missed. Russell"

Mon, Jun 30, 2008
"Here's to the late great Paul D.! I don't think I have ever heard a better harmonica player, live, during my time. "

John Huszar
Fri, Apr 04, 2008
"We are all very sorry to hear that one of the Great Song writers and musicians of our time has traveled on. We will miss him greatly. The 1st Memorial Concert was very memorable Peter! Looking forward to the 2nd Memorial concert coming up later this month.."

Jerry Gaede - BlueDiddle
Mon, Mar 24, 2008
"Paul deLay is the most inspiring blues harmonica player and songwriter that I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. I'll be thinking of him each time I put my harp to my lips and try in my own humble way to play the blues. "

Dan Cascinp
Mon, Feb 18, 2008
"Wow, I just signed in to see about taking a trip to see Paul and the band to find he has gone to the big meeting in the sky..I was looking forward to the day I could thank Paul and the band in person but GOD had other plans.I was turned on to Mr delay my first year in NA 1996 by a Blues harp player nemed Zollie Polk.I listend to Paul for over a year.I knew all the lyrics to all the songs from Take it from the turn around Ocean of tears and Nice and strong.His lyrics and music helped heal my broken soul and lift my aling spirit.Paul put the smile back on my face and the laughter back in my heart.I'll continue to tell of the healing of his lyrics and keep his spirit in my heart.The big man lives on. Dan Cascino La Habra Ca "

Linda Esposito
Sun, Feb 10, 2008
"My heart is heavy to hear of the passing of Paul Delay. I decided to hear his tape on this snowy day in pennsylvania, and he moved me as usual. I use to see him and his band every Sunday at the Candle light and every time I thought it was just another night, the music would move me sooo much. Thanks for making such great music, you will live on in my heart."

Hermien T
Fri, Feb 01, 2008
"Hé Paul, i think you make great music, but i'm looking for a fan of yours. Sipco from Holland. He signed your guestbook in jun 2003. See ya!"

W> Jeff marquard
Thu, Jan 31, 2008
"This man was the king dog of blowin the harp. I remember him mostly from Pig out in the Park Spokane Wa. in the late summer of 97. After a killer show he was in his trailor chillin with a cold bottel of water, I knocked on the door and there he was kicked back with his shoes off and he said "my feet are killing me" As I was going to speak to him I took a breath and the next the next thing I said was "there killing me too" we both laughed out. Man what a great gut and im heartfelt for the loss of his family and to all the blues, harp players who loved him."

The Beatnik
Tue, Jan 29, 2008
"Was sad to here about the death of Paul I lived in Portland 70's to 91 long live good music The Beatnik "

Michael E. Welch
Mon, Jan 21, 2008
"Paul: We were at The White Eagle Tavern a few days ago, and I could have sworn I saw you sitting behind us, watching us have a Great time... Forever in our hearts; Mike Welch"

Fri, Jan 18, 2008
"I discovered Paul Delay 10 years ago. Being in France, I never had the occasion to see him on stage, but his 4 CDs regularly find a way to my CD reader. I connected to the site as I wanted to see if he had done some new album, to read that there would be no more. His musics were a part of me and I am sad, and I have a thought for all the people who I know through the CD jackets and who loved him. I hope that this site will stay online, and I hope that his music will survive for long."

James P. Moore
Mon, Nov 05, 2007
"A knife is in my heart, and the my soul is leaking out. We don't have regular access to the internet, and have just found out the Big Man has passed over. How do you say what he means? I was first introduced to the harp at a James Gang concert, Arie Crown, 1972. Someone couldn't show, and they used Paul Butterfield to fill in. Joe Walsh knew he was in Paul's town, and called him, and the band to do Born in Chicago. I've never been the same person. Paul, and the band, were the closest to that feeling, since. I have never hesitated to inform folks about him. He was the standard by which all others could be measured. The measure of a great blues man can be measured by how much he could say with as few a notes. Only the greatest can do it, and Paul DeLay was one. Bugsy Moore"

Steve Doss
Sat, Oct 13, 2007
"I have been playing bass guitar for years. I was introduced to Paul deLay's music last year and can't get enough. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to see Paul live. What a sound! Creative while covering a wide range of blues. I love the bass in all of the songs and of course Paul's singing and harmonica."

Sat, Aug 25, 2007
"A real loss, thats for sure! Randy White"

John Sullivan
Sat, May 06, 2006
"Greetings Paul, this is Carlos friend Sully. Are you going to be coming East this Summer? Hope all is going well, how's the mic?"

bill schwartz
Fri, May 05, 2006
"Paul, Since I moved to portland in 1978, I have always stood back in awe and wonder at you and your bands incredible work lifting the souls and spirits of thousands of people ! Without doubt, you are "the arrow that pierces the heart of the song"....many...many thanks to you and your path of creativity......and more importantly,,,,,,thankyou for: "don't you trip...don't you stumble...don't you fall" you and curtis salgado will never understand completely the impact you have had on myself and thousands of others !!! thankyou Paul ! "

Thu, Apr 13, 2006
"Thanks Paul, you are quite the inspiration. You have to hear him play live it is amazing, it is uniquely Delay."

Randy Oxford
Thu, Mar 23, 2006
"I have been lucky enough to see the Paul Delay band dozens of times over the last 20 years and this band remains one of my all time favorite bands to see perform live in concert. Paul Delay, Peter Dammonn and the cats in the band are a true inspiration to many of us out there scratching out a living playing music.We owe you......Never stop "Blowin' The Blues"."

Roger McGee
Fri, Feb 03, 2006
"Hello from Lower Alabama...I lived in Kentucky near Lexington. I was lucky to hear one of the best Radio stations I have ever heard. A UK thing... I listened to you on the station. I traveled to the Nortwest but missed you. I am so inpressed!!! I will order new cds soon I have worn my out... Love and Happiness... Roger McGee Mobile, Ala[frik'in]bama "

Gary from Aus
Mon, Jan 30, 2006
"Saw your show at tripledoor 1/7/2006 - I'm still grinning :-) I got the standing room only tickets but it was better than trying to boogie sitting down - absolutely fantastic, thanks mate!"

clemens zahn
Sat, Jan 28, 2006
"Hey Paul, I just recieved your "De Lay Does Chicago" Record and I love it! Seems that you had made all the right decisions - the fine backup band, writing your own and playing fresh new songs instead of covering old warhorses - and the chromatic harp solo on Ain't Foolin`Around is the most bluesiest and impressive on that instrument since a very long time...I love your diatonic playing too on that record, because it has a special twist, a special touch that maybe derives from your chromatic playing. Best Wishes Clemens "

Rex Ward
Thu, Jan 05, 2006
"Several years back I finally caught your show live at a place called Rieds in Longview Wa.I have Been listening to your recordings for years. Probably to your dismay but much to my delight there was only a handfull of us at the show. It was like my own private concert.Durring your break I was introduced to you by the club owner Chris Ried. I was able to sit and talk with you while you ate your spaghetti dinner.I am also a large person. Thus felt very much at ease bs'n with you. It was one great evening that I'll never forget. And even though there was not many of us there (I believe due to not enough advertising of your show). You were still greatly appreciated. I was very impressed that you took it all in stride and put on a show just like the place was packed. A true professional. A fan for life, sincerely: Rex Alan Ward "

Sat, Nov 19, 2005
"You are great harmonica player. Your music is medicine. Greetings form Poland"

Anthony Rebamontan
Mon, Oct 24, 2005
"I've read about you in Hohner's Easy Reeding. Even though I've never listened to your albums, I admire your trials, tribulations and success you've experienced. I want to wish you the best in your career and personal pursuits. I appreciate the fact that you encourage harmonica players to pursue their own style rather than to blindly copy others. Sincerely, Anthony R."

Mike Pace
Wed, Oct 19, 2005
"Paul & Band, Just wanted to tell you what a terrific show you put on down in Florence for the Blues, Brews & Chowder fest. My first time seeing you, but I hope not the last! (Lovely and talented harmonica player, indeed!) "

Shamus Armstrong
Tue, Oct 11, 2005
"Paul, Miss seeing your shows. They were one of the perks of living in Portland."

Terry Blues Band
Mon, Oct 10, 2005
"We're waiting you in Italy"

Jason Ricci
Wed, Sep 28, 2005
"I LOVE YOU!!!! Your the BEST Jason"

richard [lefty]
Fri, Sep 16, 2005
"Paul and the guys, Paul it's been a while...with today B.B. Kings birthday I thought of you and all the joy you cats brought me on the dance floor over the years in Ashland, you smilin' at me as you looked down from the stand...hittin' some sweet notes and great phrases. Hope this mail finds you and yours in health and...we all helping New Orleans and the Gulf Coast...the roots of the Blues...catch you cats soon...'lefty' richard richards"

Mon, Sep 12, 2005
"Thanks Paul for everything you did for my boyfriend and me once we went in Portland! You offered us a beautiful and awesome music night and talking to you was a great pleasure!!! Man you really rock! "

Thu, Sep 08, 2005
"I digit every time you come to town, You and your band kick some serious "BLUES" Munchin Music Bend Or. 2005 Had'em dancin past sunset. "

Jeffrey Stevens
Tue, Aug 30, 2005
"Big Paul Keep the music goin, your great and true to the craft. Casper"

George H. Rivera Jr,
Tue, Aug 16, 2005
"I love your sound as a band. Paul as vocalist you sing with so much emotion. As a harp player, you are definitely an inspiration. I've never heard anyone else play blues on the chromatic the way you do. The harmonica is my passion and I'm glad to share the instrument and music with my 9 & 6 year olds. Keep wailing,Paul,I'll be listening!!!"

Fri, Jul 22, 2005
"Paul Delay today 7/22/05 Seattle Out to Lunch Concert = kickass "

Wed, Jul 13, 2005
"Everytime I see this guy its an adventure its magical. Ive seen lots of musicians in my life but never ever have I watched someone have so much fun! Thanks Paul for the music you are the best!"

Wed, Jul 13, 2005
"Everytime I see this guy its an adventure its magical. Ive seen lots of musicians in my life but never ever have I watched someone have so much fun! Thanks Paul for the music you are the best!"

Tue, Jul 12, 2005

Tue, Jul 12, 2005

larry lange
Tue, Jul 12, 2005
"I saw Paul saturday in Eureka and he blew me away, best harp I,ve heard in many years. I have been playing harp over twenty years and I have been very inspired by his amazing .playing. Paul please play in Eureka again."

larry lange
Tue, Jul 12, 2005
"I saw Paul saturday in Eureka and he blew me away, best harp I,ve heard in many years. I have been playing harp over twenty years and I have been very inspired by his amazing .playing. Paul please play in Eureka again."

dan sherwood & bro's
Mon, Jun 13, 2005
"got to enjoy your show last night at the trails end.out partying with two of my brothers and just stumbled onto you guys,what an incredable treat!!you've got 3 new fans,looking forward to gettin cd's and hearing more,come up to seattle soon dammit.oh ya,met a wonderfull woman last night...i owe ya bro."

Mon, Jun 13, 2005

Fri, Jun 03, 2005
"hi "

Blake Taylor
Wed, Jun 01, 2005
"Hard to believe that a year ago I'd never heard of you...and I've been playing / loving harp for almost 20 years. Sorry! Now I've gotta make up for lost time. As much as I love your playing and singing, I love your "ear" the best. You just hear the music differently, and it transposes in to your playing with a freshness I so much needed. Now you've got me thinking and listening differently too. Come to Cincinnati when you get a chance. I'd love to see you live!"

Jack "Sulli" Sullivan
Wed, May 11, 2005
"Hey Paul, Glad to see you doing so well. It has been a long road since the White Eagle Saloon in Portland back in the late 70's. Your lookin' great! "Keep on Bluesin""

Glenn Davis
Tue, May 03, 2005
"Came about your web site while checking on the Blues Fest this summer in Portland. It would be great to hear you again. Livin in Poway Ca; try to make it to the fest as much as possible. Fondest memories are riding our ten speeds from Mount Scott to Mount Tabor or Delta Part in the early '70's to hear some fun music. Can't recall if you ever played the Armageddon coffee house off of SE 8nd Ave...If I did I'm sure I BOOGIED!!!"

Kevin, Seattle WA
Fri, Apr 22, 2005
"Hi Paul, I came across your website through another search. After hearing a few of your samples, I know I have to buy a CD. Great music!"

Mon, Apr 11, 2005

Roy R. Kallas
Fri, Mar 04, 2005
"Paul has brought harmonica playing to a new level in the Pacific Northwest. A great musician and performer. "

Arthur Goldklang
Wed, Feb 02, 2005
"Paul,I've been listening to your cd's for years,I have I think everyone and listen over and over.I live in Delray Beach,Florida.Are you EVER going to come down this way?"

Justin Keller
Fri, Jan 21, 2005
"Mr. Delay I just want to express my sympathy for the loss of your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you. "

Rene Malines
Fri, Nov 12, 2004
"Hi guys, it's been a while since we haven't talked, but I still remember how nice it was to have that interview over the phone with Paul. It's been a while since your last CD too, is there a new one planned ? I'm sorry that no french promoters had the balls to book you yet (they don't know what they're missing.... I do !) but I'm trying to put up a festival here and if I succeed, you're #1 on my list !"

Rusty Bridgers
Mon, Nov 01, 2004
"Hey Big Brother, Nice to see you continuing to do well, doing that thing that you do best. I haven't done the clubs in a very long time, but have been keeping up on your progress over the years. I don't really miss those days of moving your equipment around, but do miss talking about music with you, and would never trade the memories of it all, good and bad, for anything in the world."

Arien Engelmann
Mon, Sep 20, 2004
"i seen you a few time's in Hood river,and in bengin wa, i love your music and your a role model for me because i been playing the blues with my family for a while and still learning, so when i here you play it's like a goal i have, and i love the blues, and i have a few of your cd's i love to lisning to, i been playing the guitar lately, doing some blues on the gutiar, my dad passed away in august and i got his gutiars and lictrec gatiars, and i been playing them, my dad us to play in a band, and he played in church a lot and he was a voclist, my uncle gary he had this band named count zero he products them but my uncle is a really good vocalist, and he's showing me some blues, thank you paul for your music and insperashion to me. "

Jeanette Hall
Sat, Sep 04, 2004
"Paul Delay rocks, he is sensational!"

Tue, Aug 31, 2004
"Looking forward to seeing you at the Rendzvous Blues Festival "Blues on the Beach" in Oroville. Lokks like the weather and the music are going to be HOT. P.S. "Paulzilla" is so "Right on". Keep on making music the way only you can do."

Fri, Aug 06, 2004
"Hey Paul, how are you? A friend of mine, Jason Ricci, turned me on to your stuff about two years ago. I just love it. PAULZILLA is so cool. Every song is so uniquely yours. Great lyrics are hard to find in the blues genre these days. Thank you very much for doing what you do. You make alot of people very happy everytime they hear you play and sing."

Steve DeLaye
Thu, Jul 22, 2004
" Make it to the Houston, Texas area sometime, you have family down here that would love to hear you play."

Wed, Jul 21, 2004
"You just keep sounding better through the years! What a treat to have you play for us at the Oregon Square Courtyard every year - we sure do appreciate your talent! I remember seeing you at Cafe Vivo at 'Big Pink' downtown in 1990! Thanks for playing for us today - can't wait to see you again soon! Kerrie w/ Ashforth Pacific, Inc."

Mon, Jul 12, 2004
"Got to see you at Horse Feathers in North Conway NH. Some of the best stuff I have heard! For those of you who are just checking out the web site, go see this guy or pick up few CD's One of the best around. Thanks Slim"

robert temple
Mon, Jul 12, 2004
"what a genuine treat to finally hear and see you play, in rockland, maine no less! whenever you have a national tour, please please try to get some maine dates. you are the greatest! "

Sue from Boyd Street
Fri, Jul 02, 2004
"I knew you would do well when you sang me that song on the school bus and told me you were going to be a musician. Keep rockin! Jones/ Milwaukie Hi"

Thu, Jun 17, 2004
"I was going to sit in with my friends band at the pub crawl at the northeast blues fest so I could get in fre to see the Hummel thing, but I have to work. I am glad to see that you are play right in my back yard on Sunday at Horsefeathers. Looking Forward to hear you live. Love your stuff."

Bernard, Manchester UK
Wed, Jun 16, 2004
"Saw your 'Turnaround' cd in a local independant (now closed) Manchester store and asked if I could listen. What I heard blew me away! A totally tender, funky, sweet blues and jazz sound from a guy who blows that harmonica like nobody else and who has a voice which shouldn't really come from a white guy. Have all your cd's so far and always look forward to the next one. Please come to the UK and play sometime."

Mon, Jun 14, 2004
"Thanks, Paul, for doing our WElcome Party for the National handball tournament in Portland! I can't wait to hear you again ... C"

Tue, Jun 08, 2004

Sheri Dricker
Fri, Mar 26, 2004
"Hi Paul..:) Stumbled on to your webpage here and was so jazzed to see it! Met you a few times in Portland when I was with the Ninth Street Exit Coffeehouse and the Paul Conner Blues Band. Carol Conner I see posted on this board also..so glad to see you Carol! Still in North Idaho and not doing music anymore...but still listening to the blues...:)"

Sun, Mar 14, 2004
"Hi - I am trying to reach Claire Bruce - I lost his email address and I would very much like to email him. Please let him know it is Brenda from British Columbia wanting to get in touch my email address is be_wise860@shaw.ca"

Patricia Berry
Thu, Feb 12, 2004
"Greetings and Happy 2004! Just want to know WHEN are you ever going to come back to the Detroit area again? We saw you and your vibrantly brilliant band at the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival in (99, or 01). Hey I can't remember the year, but I'll never forget the performance. You can't be "Over and Done" with our area just yet!!! And if we could, we'd be out to Oregon/WA area in a heartbeat!! LOVE your music and thanks for keepin it real!!! "

Diana Darling & Rockin'
Tue, Feb 10, 2004
"Hi Sweetie, It was so good to see you Wednesday night again at the Rib. Currently I am at the beach with my pal and yours Rockin' Rhonda(you met her at Hoppers) I'm sending my best wishes your way towords you health darlin! Cuz I care so much for you brother! See ya next week. Love ya Di and Rock"

Judy Belushi Pisano
Wed, Feb 04, 2004
"Hi Paul, I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with Curtis Salgato? I would lkie an address to send him an invite. Would appreciate any help in locating . Thanks."

Judy Belushi Pisano
Wed, Feb 04, 2004
"Hi Paul, I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with Curtis Salgato? I would lkie an address to send him an invite. Would appreciate any help in locating . Thanks."

Johnny Wisma
Sat, Jan 31, 2004
"Paul I really dig it when you blow that horn of yours, man what style! You're song writing is so clever and hip "

Mon, Jan 26, 2004
"To my favorite band here in Portland, your music puts a smile to my eyes and a joy to my spirit. So when I bring you those sweet potatoe pies or any other home cooked goodies, I'm just saying Thank You for putting so much energy, enthusiasm, and meaning in what you do. Paul keep heading forward and if I had one wish it would be to be your harmonica for a day. (LOL) Thanks Baby...... "

The Original Snakeboy
Tue, Jan 06, 2004
"It was such a delight for me to find that you're still living here in Portland, Paul....layin' down those Blues, as thick and smokey as the finest BBQ...MAN,...your music sure leaves a good taste in my mouth Bro.!!! "

Bob Q - England, UK.
Sat, Dec 27, 2003
"Only just discovered this genius. Lucky me! Now I've got the opportunity to catch up on what all you folks already know. That this guy is a giant (in more ways than one) among musicians. A real class act. O.K., now, where's that order form......... Keep blowin' that storm, Paul."

Greg Dunton
Mon, Oct 20, 2003
" Hey Paul, haven't seen you in years. Back in 1968 or so you, me, and our friend Joyce, went to the Sky River rock fest up in Wash. We lived in my tent for a couple of days and heard some good music. I've been enjoying your C.D's and plan on catching you live real soon. "

Ken and Mary Alice
Sun, Oct 19, 2003
"We saw you today at the Tippy Canoe, and were in meltdown!!!!!! Mary Alice knew you from Newport, and Dandelion Pub. Ken has seen you here in Portland, What a treat to hear your band play. The CD we got from you lists Mike Klobas as drummer. I know him and lived 4 houses away in jr high school. He got me into the school band. I would be interested in hearing from him, as he was responsible for me starting to play drums.! It was a special night here at Tippy Canoe, I'll never forget it!!!! Love You, Ken Bondley and Mary Alice:) "

Fri, Sep 26, 2003
"Wow, just saw you again in Eugene with your old pal Carey Bell. The look in your eye when you two dueled was purely mischief! Keep it up and I'll keep payin."

dr. jeff
Wed, Sep 24, 2003
"hi paul, i make it a annual pilgrimage to portland (from victoria, b.c.) to hear you play .. and then i spend the rest of the year crying in my soup. cheers, jeff "

Kona Gold Blues Band
Mon, Sep 22, 2003
"like your playing, paul. i'm an old friend of rod piazza. come to hawaii, let's jam! your friend's friend, dangerous dave wrathborne"

Chas Burke
Sat, Sep 13, 2003
"Paul and da Boyz saw ya'll at a small venue in Newport Oregon 95ish You are awesome love your stuff. I try and play some of your original tunes on my gigs. (Harpist} I fall short but digg'n you most. Chas at Ashland-"

David "gato" Grant
Tue, Sep 09, 2003
"Paul- i wrote ya when you were down & you wrote me back ( i live in Albuquerque,NM) so quick i freaked. glad you are out and still gettin' better and better... i got 3+ years clean & sober (and i hope i'm out for the last time, too). You're one of the best ever & i really dig "Rack & Roll""

JD Madlin
Mon, Sep 08, 2003
"Paul... I had the same background as yourself in regaurds to the '80's. Rise and fall...glad to see another rise to the occation after being down. My first time I was able to see you was this last weekend, 9/6/03 at a private party in Port Orchard. Loved your guy's performance and enjoyed talking with you. Thanx for the autograph for JR and myself. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Best Regards... JD "

Tue, Sep 02, 2003
"Hey Paul, It was back in the summer of 1969 when someone told me there was a band (Brown Sugar) playing at Peninsula park, a block from my house. So I jumped on my stingray and headed up there. There was a big crowd of people siting around on the grass. They all seemed to be sharing the same cigarette. I just stayed towards the back watched. Then I heard a sound I'd never heard before. I had heard a harmonica before, but not like that. It was loud and sounded so sweet. Shortly after that I scraped up enough money and bought my first Marine Band harp. Then all my friends had to get one too. We used to go up to that same park and practice almost everyday. The bathrooms had great acoustics and kept us out of the rain. I still play to this day, I only wish I could play half as good as you. Thanks Paul for being a great inspiration. See you at your next gig. Mike "

sam walch
Mon, Sep 01, 2003
"hi, paul saw you play at canby in aug, liked it very much. sam walch sam_23@webtv.net"

Thu, Aug 21, 2003
"i likethis siteeeeeeeeeee"

Mike & Carla
Thu, Aug 14, 2003
"I can't believe that we forgot to mention this, but Peter Damann also plays a mean classical guitar! He supplied sample songs on CD for us to pick from, then played them flawlessly as everyone entered. Thanks again!"

Patrick Recob
Sat, Aug 09, 2003
"Hey Paul, I am glad to see you are playing alot! I've always enjoyed listening to your music! We met back in '95 when I was with Minnick as bassist for Gary. I am now out in Washington D.C. I just wanted to tell you hello and send my best regards. Stop by www.patrickrecob.com sometime and say hello! Peace. "

carole conner
Tue, Jul 29, 2003
"aloha, paul! as you well know, i have been an avid fan/follower of yours since the brown sugar days (oh my! are we really over 25?) anyhow, i no longer live in the portland area, but continue to listen to your music, new and old, on a regular basis. i could not imagine being with out you guys. there is only one (1) blues band in this island, absolutely no substitute for you and the nw music scene. miss seeing you and hearing you live! much aloha, carole"

Mike & Carla
Mon, Jul 07, 2003
"Folks, take it from us-- if you can possibly do it, have the Paul deLay band come play for a party at your place. We were lucky enough to have them play our wedding reception recently, and I can't recall having so much fun. It was weeks ago and relatives are calling to find out where to buy CDs... Peter was great to work with setting it all up, and as usual, the performance was top notch. You guys are the best!"

Lenny Tait
Sun, Jul 06, 2003
"damn Paul......you are just too much, come on down to Cal.a little more often would ya"

gail parker
Wed, Jul 02, 2003
"Paul deLay is a fine person and not one whit humor impaired. ON WISCONSIN1!!!!"

sipco cupido
Wed, Jul 02, 2003
"Paul and Band! You lighten up my life with your energizing music. You deserve a big audience and I sincerely hope you get it. (Bigger and bigger). Come to Europe and spread the good music! Soon! Sipco from Holland"

Jim Uriarte
Mon, Jun 23, 2003
"Hello Paul I enjoy listening to Heavy Rotation, espesially "Bess and Ernie's Rib Joint". Will be in attendence at JJ's July 12 and Seaside at the Park on Sunday. I'll have my CD insert for you to sign......take care Jimbo...."

Jim Uriarte
Mon, Jun 23, 2003
"Hello Paul I enjoy listening to Heavy Rotation, espesially "Bess and Ernie's Rib Joint". Will be in attendence at JJ's July 12 and Seaside at the Park on Sunday. I'll have my CD insert for you to sign......take care Jimbo...."

Murray Varrese
Fri, Jun 06, 2003
" I keep looking for the band to play over here on the other coast(east), but so far I have not had any success. I'll have to be content to listening to the last three CD's, and although they rock, it is no substitute for a live show. So here is hoping you guys make it to the Philly area soon. Some new music wouldn't hurt in the mean time. "

Eden Nichols
Wed, May 28, 2003
"Hood River, Or. I am just kickin back with Nice and Strong, and Heavy Rotation and looking forward to seeing you live again. "I'm Gonna Miss Talkin' To You" says it all for me tonight.I hope you come back to the gorge soon and play "What do Ya Want In a Man" for us. As always- you guys are rock solid. Thanks for expressing it like only you can !!"

carole conner-dierickx
Mon, May 05, 2003
"aloha paul and friends . . . after listening to you live for over 30 years, i have left portland and truly MISS seeing you . . . will keep you on line while i am on the beach!"

Richard Walter, just Ric
Mon, May 05, 2003
"Hey Paul,greetings from Germany. As more as I am listening to you music, as more I do love it. Hope to see you some day here in Germany. You will notice us then, we will stay in the first line. Keep on harping Rick (member of: www.harpchat.de) "

Fri, May 02, 2003

Robin McFarlane
Sun, Apr 27, 2003
"I was first introduced to your music by a very talented harp playin' friend of mine (you may know) by the name of Jerry Martin in Seattle. I haven't had the priviledge of seeing you live, but your harp, your unique smokey mellow toned vocals, and your songs really pull on my heart. When I hear the music of any performer for the first time they have to grab me with the first few notes. When that happens I know I'll love everything that follows. That's how I feel about your music. I truely share with you, the pain that goes so deep that you need to turn it back out and channel it through music. If we didn't it could destroy us. I'm a singer and after raising my family and finding myself on my own, I've been fortunate to connect with some wonderful musicians and will be performing with Jerry's new band as part of their "Diva Review". I have found my place in the Blues and your music had a huge impact on my commitment so I'd like to thank you. I really hope I get to hear you live sometime in the near future. Till then, keep 'em coming Paul! Robin McFarlane the "songbird" please let me know i_m_songbird@yahoo.com "

Fri, Feb 28, 2003
"Hello from Finland. Best wishes to you. Your "blues fan" Yky "

Sun, Feb 16, 2003
"I win!!!!! You are incredible! Thanks to Brenda for taking me to hear the Paul DeLay Band again. You made my 30 (somethingth) birthday! Thank you to Paul DeLay for making it that much more special. Don't you slip, don't you stumble, don't you fall. My son will cherish the cd you signed for him. I cannot wait to show it to him tomorrow. I wonder if you know how much you really touch people. I am amazed at how many people that you have influenced. You will always have a special place in my heart. Rock on Paul DeLay (band)! I may only have $14.00 in the bank, but I would spend every last dime to hear you play!"

Eric Bird Fogel
Fri, Feb 14, 2003
"I hear your comming back to Bend, I have been blessed to see you twice, 3rd times a charm!You are one of the finest songwriter's,singer and harp players ever! And what a great band.In Chicago I was raised on Little Walter, Junior Wells,James Cotton,Paul Butterfield and Charlie Musclewhite.30 years later,I'm digging you. Thanks for keeping the blues alive!"

Wed, Feb 12, 2003
"Hi Paul... Your music so good... ;-)"

Curt Thomas
Mon, Jan 27, 2003
"I play blues crossharp (typically go to the Trails End on Wednesdays for the jam)and need a teacher to give me some pointers. Any chance Paul does lessons? Someday I want to measure up as a player. Hope to hear from you. Curt"

Mark Ellsworth
Tue, Jan 21, 2003
"Paul, I saw you play back in the mid-80's at one of the San Francisco Battle of the Harmonica shows. I'm getting back into harmonica and getting my chops down. You are definitely an inspiration. I have a question if you have time to answer. I would like to add an effect to my set up just for something different. If you use them at all and were limited to just one what would it be. Ever get to Phoenix, AZ? Hope to catch one of your show's in the future."

Jason Ricci
Sat, Jan 18, 2003
"Dear Paul:THANK YOU FOR BEING YOURSELF!You bring allot of sincerity,soul and originality to everything you do.love the lyrics for all the friends of Bill too.Jason Ricci."

Sat, Jan 18, 2003
"Love the music! When are you back in Chicago? "

Jason Strotheide
Thu, Jan 16, 2003
"I just picked up the "Heavy Rotation" disc and I must say, it is damn fine. Sweet harp tone and rock solid grooves in abundance. Hope to see you out Michigan way sometime soon. take it easy...."

Joanne and Jim
Thu, Jan 02, 2003
"Truely the best New Years Eve party we've ever been to. Paul deLay is the holy graile of harps, the guys who were playing with him were fablous too...but Paul's the man! Thanks for a wonderful evening and music that memories are made of"

Peter W. Thorneycroft
Sat, Nov 30, 2002
"Thanks Paul deLay Band. The most refreshingly original and soulful harmonica for years, combined with a TIGHT groovin' band. Original songs that speak from the heart and soul of Paul and all of the "in the pocket" Paul deLay Band. Peter W. Thorneycroft"

Larry "The Iceman" Eisen
Wed, Nov 27, 2002
"Years ago, when all diatonic harmonica players sounded the same, Paul's playing awoke in me a renewed interest. Unique linear ideas and great tone. Hoping to see a full US tour someday, as I don't get out to the west coast as often as I'd like. (Hello to Peter, too)."

alexander higgins
Sun, Nov 24, 2002
"hi paul. i have just been listening to Take It from the turnaround. The harp (moothie) solo on I Cant Quit You is well deadly.cheers Big Man. Come to Scotland please. A lot of folk would love to hear you. slainte mhath."

Sun, Nov 17, 2002
"Paul, Caught your show here in Anchorage Ak. last Friday night and I want to say it was phenominal! I've seen a lot of live bands play all kinds of music over the last 20 or so years, but nothing compares to the show you guys threw down. Seriously, you play the best damn blues harp I've ever heard and the rest of the band was right there with it. I have a real sense of appreciation for those powerful and deep emotional lyrics so carefully written and well blended with that rich, intense blues sound you guys have. I sincerely hope you guys will come back to Anchorage often."

Wed, Oct 30, 2002
"i bring in all kinds of music for the store i work at to listen to before it opens. it had been awhile since i put on you guys, but someone wanted to know who it was becase they really got off on it and it was "ocean of tears". i told her she would probably have to order it from your website. nobody ever wants to know what's playing!!(and i have good taste even if i do say so myself!!!) so whens the next cd comin? thanks!!"

russell mcdaniel
Tue, Oct 29, 2002
"Paul, I've spent a lifetime going to see the great harmonica players, I've never tired of hearing you. Thanks for many great nites of dancing and listening in Seattle."

Phil T.
Mon, Sep 02, 2002
"I think Paul is great. I have been big fan ever since I first heard him."

Roger "ROCKET"
Sun, Sep 01, 2002
"Hi to ALL....Paul I can't count the hours I have listened to you blow the harp. I am a frustrated musician...Except for my kids music is my soul. I heard River Of Tears and was blown away. The Great Spirit gave you a Special Talent. Never loose sight of that. Stay SOBER and enjoy your life and keep Blowing. My Best to You and your Loved Ones.........ROGER "

Lynn Wymore
Sat, Aug 31, 2002
" Just sayin' hello!! Love ya man--take care!"

Dutch Martin
Fri, Aug 23, 2002
"I've been learning to play blues harmonica for about a year now, and just came from the Harmonica Masterclass workshop in Hawaii. Paul deLay is definitely one of my favorite blues harpists. Keep on jammin' and wailin!"

Thu, Aug 22, 2002

Nancy O.
Sun, Aug 18, 2002
"Just listenin' to Take It From the Turnaround while toolin' down the highway today... Love your songwriting, Paul. And the way you work those vocals... and, oh, that harp! Being from Chicago, I especially like your down and dirty deLay Does Chicago. Got that El sound in there, and Zora Young right in your face; she is a presence. I've seen you many times here in Portland, and I'm proud to share the city with you. Thanks so much to you and the band. Always something new from you. --Nancy O"

Cain Elizondo
Thu, Aug 08, 2002
"When you play at the Waterfront or at Esther Short Park I am there in the front row with my family... I enjoy listening to you play.."

Mon, Aug 05, 2002
"In the early & mid 80s I used to catch Paul deLay Band at Bumbershoot & the Jolly Roger Roadhouse before it closed down. Was glad to catch him at the Blues & Heritage Fesital in Port Townsend 08/03/02. You guys did one hell of a show! Next time you're in town, look me up. The Paul deLay Band is invited to a Bar-B-que @ my house! Poco "

Steve Judkins
Wed, Jul 31, 2002

Jim B
Tue, Jul 30, 2002
"Paul & Band, Saw you show in Fairview. Awesome. I'm a new listener to Blues and I think it is the best kind of music out there. I've been listening to John Lee Hooker, BB King, Curtis Salgato, Blues Traveler, and many others. I have to say your band is my favorite. My copy of Heavy Rotation has not left the CD player! "

Mon, Jul 01, 2002
"Just saw you guys in Pasco, WA the last Saturday in June. What a show! Thanks for bringing some real blues to this town. Please come back often! If you're reading this, go see the guys live-- the new material is great, and all the favorites still bring the house (or in this case, the lawn) down. "

Patricia B.
Wed, Jun 05, 2002
"Hey Paul and bandmates!! I was fortunate enough to see you do your"thang" at the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz festival September, 1998 and was totally and completely mesmerized!! When are you coming back to the Detroit area? I'm holding my breathe til you get here!! Don't want it to be over and done!!!! Peace and Love...Patricia"

Tue, May 07, 2002
"looking forward to seeing you guys at larry's in pioneer square this weekend...please bring cd's to buy!"givin up the body" is so real...my father in law worked coal mines back there as a welder...died at 51..never got to meet him. love you guys!! keep creatin real subject matter in simple yet profound ways"

Dave MiLey
Wed, Mar 13, 2002
"Un-real. Thanks all of you! The talent you all posses is a God given gift (and a hell of a lotof work)Reading the insert in the CD "Take from the turnaround the part about Paul running home to listen to Paul Butterfield and that takes me back 35 years I was doing the same damn thing! Thanks so much. Dave"

Dennis Lee
Sun, Feb 10, 2002
"Hey Guys, Was just visiting your site. Lookin forward to your trip up here next month. I've been telling everyone I know that you guys will be up here in March. It's always standing room only at Blues Central whenever you guys are here. Let me know if you need anything while you are up here in Anchorage (or just let Tracy know and she can pass it on). See ya then."

Fri, Feb 01, 2002
"Enjoyed seeing you at the waterfront this summer. I'll try to get out to see you again soon. Can you tell me where I can pick up the new album? Tell Kelly that Tom Vermilya said hello and I am putting those lessons to work with the Easy Money Band. I was thrilled to hear that he had hooked up with the best blues band in the area. Keep up the good work!!!"

Fri, Feb 01, 2002
"the music community is too much! went to see you and geoff and fritz in seattle last week. some of us came to hear muldaur and some to hear you and man you rocked and wailed and moaned and tore my house down! thanks for reminding me of real music real blues, real soul. "

Wed, Jan 23, 2002
"Well it's getting hard to find new things to say to different bands. I'm not gonna say "you're the best" when I love so many different blues artists. Because blues always takes me back to the fundamentals, the meaning of life, the deepest feeling, the essential, the real thing, call it what you want, I don't know. When you feel your inside tearin' up and instead of a terrible pain it turns into pleasure and joy, know what I mean ? That's what your music does to me. Just keep on playin' it the way you do, it's a real loving feeling."

Sat, Jan 19, 2002
"My personal Handy nominations and voting have you guys winning in "Contemporary Blues Album of the Year" and Paul doing the same in "Blues Intrumentalist-Harmonica" In the real world, that's not likely unless you tour widely 200 dates a year, but you deserve to be in there. Keep on keepin' on!"

Fred Lipper
Wed, Jan 16, 2002
"Paul, I've been listening to you since you were with Brown Sugar (in the end of the '70s, I think it was). You guys are just better and better! I usedta play a little blues harp before I heard you and then I just put it down, got down on my knees and said "I have heard God speak!" loveya "

andy schaft
Thu, Jan 10, 2002
"Paul: I received a copy of 'HEAVY ROTATION' several weeks ago and it continues to play every time I get back into my truck. Jim Dulso at WDET 101.9 in Detroit plays cuts from the album every week on his show which airs 7-10 PM Saturday night. Very intrested in knowing if you plan to play anywhere in or around Detroit anytime in the future.. LIVIN' THE BLUES W/YOUSE ANDY"

steve w
Mon, Jan 07, 2002
"Paul have heard your cd,s and am a big fan but am really hoping you can find a way to make it up to Alberta[Canada] sometime soon .We have a large blues community in Edmonton and would love to see you live.Maybe at the Labatts blues festival in august. "

Eric F
Fri, Dec 21, 2001
"Hey Paul! I'm a big fan. I missed you last time you hit the Boston area, and I'm hoping you come back real soon. I've got a whole harp-playing group of friends who'ld like to see you too! I am bummed out that I can't get Heavy Rotation to work in HDCD. "Chicago" sounds great in HDCD btw. It makes a huge difference. Still one of your best albums though. :)"

Wed, Dec 19, 2001
"great music, great site,gimme more "

Saundra Osborne
Sat, Nov 24, 2001
"Hey, got folks coming from Chicago around Christmas. Hoping you have something going in the Oregon area at that time. They love you and are wanting desperately to see you!! Anywhere close, please let me know!! Love ya much, hope to hear you will be around."

Little Bill Engelhart
Tue, Nov 13, 2001
"I've been meaning to get ahold of you. The cut "In The Pocket" knocks me out. Best thang I've listened to in a long time. Tell that B3 player he kicks ass!"

Juke Joint Johnny
Wed, Nov 07, 2001
"Huge fans here in Charleston S.C. in both the wife and I,hope to catch a live show someday,and shoot the shit a little everyone says your a very approachable and helpful person,continued success Juke"

Coni Lambert
Sun, Oct 28, 2001
"Last night at Mac's in Silverton was HOT. Thanks for a great show. You can be sure I'm buying the CD now! Danced my ass off and can barely move today. Great show. (Witch w/glowstick ;-) )"

Ludo Beckers
Sun, Oct 28, 2001
"Hi Paul, I really admire your work -most of all harpwise! A few years ago I wrote to you when you were umm... away for awhile - never got a reply; heavy censoring? Today's question = any news on the Space Case ??(harpers all over are curious on this one...) Greetings from Belgium, Lazy Lew"

David Cox
Mon, Oct 15, 2001
"Hey Paul, Long time no talk to. Looks like I missed a few CDs since I last saw you in Portland. I'm still playing some gigs in the UK on a semi-casual basis. Going to the NHL championships in Bristol next week. Don't get to Portland anymore since IBM bought our company... Oh well Later, David"

eduardo delanderos-tierr
Sat, Oct 13, 2001
"C'est la hymne, la cantique de ma coeur...corps celeste!!!!!! Eduardo DeLanderos-Tierre"

Mon, Oct 08, 2001

Hans Stein
Mon, Oct 01, 2001
"Great music!"

Cyril Fernandes
Tue, Sep 25, 2001
"Paul, I want to thank you for the great recordings. Your lyrics are gut-wrenching, down to earth everyday stuff but you say it best. I am however fascinated by your great harmonica playing. As your recordings are imports the collection process is a little slower, but I have "Take it from the turnaround"; "delay does Chicago";Ocean of Tears";"Nice & Strong". My hobby is harmonica playing, and I wanted to know the type of harmonica you used on "Why can't you love me"-(delay-louis pain). Your comeback reminds of another the great M.Ali. Wish you continued good health. Cy "

Mon, Sep 24, 2001
"Great Stuff Paul....el beast"

Albert Cooksey Jr
Sun, Sep 16, 2001
"I just purchaed heavy rotation. I really like your original compositons. Some artist do remakes and remakes of remakes. Its nice to hear someone with the talent to do their own thing. i would love the opportunty talk to in person to get some harp tips. Maybe you will play Pittsburgh or some where close? Thanks Albert"

Bob Vieira
Thu, Sep 13, 2001
"We saw you last year at Merced Blues festival and you signed CD for us, it was awesome. My wife and I are sorry you won't be there this year."

Anna Williams
Sun, Aug 26, 2001
"Thanks for the card in the mail regarding your new CD. Thought you guys forgot about your fans in Kelso, WA!!! Will be sending a check for the new CD. Please don't forget to autograph it!!!! Thanks!!!!"

Tue, Aug 21, 2001
"Ya buddy! Lucky for me my girlfriend enjoys the band as much as I do, so there's no such thing as over playing HR in our place. I was trying to blow some of Pauls licks at our local blues society jam the other day and recieved some pretty weird looks (thanks Paul) for playing outside the norm. All right enough about me, love the new CD, the band is boss, get crackin on your follow-up." Remember the alamo" & come to san antonio."

Dov Hammer
Thu, Aug 16, 2001
"Great New Album for Paul & the band! Paul deLay is the most original and exciting harp player alive. Regards to Paul (I opened the shows for him in Tel Aviv Israel in 1999) Dov Hamer"

Chas Lewis
Tue, Aug 14, 2001
"Just had my first listen to the new disc. Many thanks to Paul & the Band for "Heavy Rotation." The name is more than wishful thinking -- I'm going to be airing this baby a lot. The best songs I know about are both personal & universal and Paul's hit the mark with more than a few here. The band is grooving hard, but playing with taste and as a unit. You're gonna want several copies of this one folks. Thanks Paul!"

Chad Gardner
Fri, Jul 20, 2001
"Friend of Doug Lynn and fan of Paul Delay-two excellent harp players! Try the Dead Goat Saloon for Salt Lake bookings if ever touring through."

Mon, Jul 09, 2001
"Saw you play at a little whole in the wall in Washington where I grew up. Took my Dad out as he was having a rough time and had a really good time. Bought a tape "The Other One" and finally had to come and find out if you were online as the tape is now worn out. Heard you on the radio the other day (Southern California driving back from Vegas 94.3 or something like that) and was so happy. I will be looking for you to play down south. xoxo~ Hugs and Kisses"

John Hale
Tue, Jul 03, 2001
"Looking forward to the Heavy Rotation CD. Hope you get back down to Chico at Sierra Nevada again soon. All the best to you."

Mon, Jul 02, 2001
"For more than 20 years I have been searching for the top harp band and thank God I was turned onto these guys. Having been lucky enough to hear & meet Majic Dick,Paul Butterfield,Kim Wilson & others, my experience will be complete when Paul & band take there act to Texas (hint, hint) Thanks & best of luck to you all."

Sat, Jun 30, 2001
"paul first heard you on a compilation cd. then i got a few of your cd s after that.you are truly a virtuoso and a inspiration to all us ( little guys) playing in small clubs and bars . the only problem is people in so cal dont know how great you are.so here is the plan .you come down here and play the battle of the harps on thanksgiving eve.with rod and james .then you can give me a free lesson so badly needed.also check our website out at www bluespowerband.net thanks again"

Sun, Jun 10, 2001
"Hey Paul, just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and coming to my little town in La Grande! Hope to see you again at the WaterFront Blues Festival sometime."

Mon, May 28, 2001
"Paul, when are you coming to Australia? Smokey(Greasy Gravy Blues Band)"

Scott Swanson
Sat, May 05, 2001
"I saw your name in Kevin's catalogue-though I'd cut out the middleman. Looking forward to hearing the CD's. Come to Chicago soon!"

Don McCann
Thu, May 03, 2001
"Caught Paul and the band last year during the July waterfront Blues fest here in Portland. That was my first experience at hearing the group. The event was fantastic and we think the Delay Band was the best of the show. Been trying to see Paul and the Band since and couldn't locate a gig schedule. Just found the web site, thank you for the schedule. See you at the Cascade in Vancouver on the 12th. Best wishes for continued success. "

Patricia Berry
Tue, May 01, 2001
"Hey Paul...saw and met you at the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Fest in "99" and I've been a true fan ever since!! One night WDET was playing this total jam and I called to find out WHO is that?? It was YOU singing "Over and Done"...you know I HAD to have it!!! Paul, you and your Band are definitely the BOMB!!! Whenever you're in the Detroit area again, I have GOT to sing that song with you guys!!!!! You and I even took a picture together so I'll send it to you! Your style, the band is SO TIGHT...keep on keeping on until the next time we meet!! Much LOVE to all you guys and stay safe on your travels!! LOVE * Patricia Berry"

Thu, Apr 26, 2001

Donnie Sumpter
Thu, Apr 26, 2001
"Just wanted to say hello to one of the best blues bands we have ever seen Donnie S. the POLE CATS"

Jerry Gaede
Wed, Apr 25, 2001
"Absolutely the best contemporary blues band I've heard to date. I play harp myself and I'm blown away by Paul's style and the overall originality and musicianship of Peter, Louis, Etal. Thanks for the music!"

Gene Hardage a.k.a. Sara
Mon, Mar 12, 2001
"I saw you at the Tampa Bay Blues Fest 2000 and have been a believer ever since. Great playing, singing,and songwriting are always in style. "

Fri, Feb 16, 2001
"Hey Paul, Any chance of you making a swing through the south. We have a lot of great harp player down New Orleans way, but none with your incredible style. Thanks, beltone"

Fri, Feb 02, 2001
"i just saw paul in anchorage. what impressed me the most was his off-stage presence. the next day he gave me a private lesson that was priceless. he truly is a gracious man and look forward to seeing him again soon. "

Maria Elena Huff
Mon, Jan 29, 2001
"popped in to order a cd. The band was "so fun in Anchorage" Its been interesting watching the twists and turns of the last 25 years . I can measure major events in my life by your music, the first time I heard you was at the firehouse on Belmont I knew right then what had been missing from my life, they say if you don't love the blues ya gotta have a hole in your soul and I think that night the hole in my soul was filled from the closing of the firehouse on Belmont, to Sacks on front, and now my grandsons are listening right along with me . keep playin for a long long time. you bring alot of joy to lots of folks "

Scott Middleton
Thu, Jan 11, 2001
"Hi Paul! I know you meet a lot of people every where you go, but I got to tell you when I meet you at the "Blues City Cafe" in Memphis during the Handy Awards weekend of 1999 we spent about 20 min. or so talking while your band warmed up the crowd and I have to tell you that you are one of most friendly persons that I have met in or out of the music biz. I look forward to seeing you again when you come through Chicago. Thanks for all of the great music!! "

Daren Fickel
Sun, Dec 03, 2000
"Saw you guys at Bumbershoot. You rocked. You and Southern Culture On The Skids made me a very happy boy. Be sure to come back next year."

Trey Carskadon
Wed, Nov 15, 2000
"Paul - You're a credit to the blues, and it's truly been a pleasure following you since your early days with Brown Sugar. You're the one that inspired me to take up harmonica at the tender age of 12, and now 30 years later I'm still blowin' and enjoying every note on each new effort of yours. Look forward to watchin' you and the band here in Portland. When it's time to "bluesercize" it's time for Paul. All the best. Trey"

Warren Keane
Mon, Sep 04, 2000
"The Paul Delay Band is fantastic. I was lucky to see the band last night here in Victoria, B.C. - they kicked! As a harp player/singer myself I was real excited to hear the band live and have a chance meet Paul in person. Please come back soon!"

Tony Gilchrist
Fri, Sep 01, 2000
"The blues just doesnt get any better than this, folks! I am so lucky to have Paul and his AWESOME band live and play in the city I call home, Portland OR. I heard from Dan that a new CD is in the works......can't WAIT to hear it! Keep it comin' Tony"

luca colombrita
Wed, Aug 09, 2000
"hey paul, when will you come in italy? I could leave you my room, I will stay in the garage! I've also got a pretty sister and my mother really cooks so fine! Anything to hear you playin'. Luca"

Ron Stone
Mon, Jul 10, 2000
"If you don't have Paul deLay's "BURNIN'" in your repertoire of Blues, then your collection sucks! -Ron Stone- "

James McElroy
Fri, Jul 07, 2000
"I am a great fan of Paul and his band. I was fortunate to interview Paul on my radio show a couple of years ago. He is a great guy and a great harp player. I have recently moved to the LA area and I keep checking the site to see when they will be in my area. Keep the great music comming"

Key Cupp
Mon, Jun 26, 2000
"Hi Paul I am going to be moving up that way i had no idea The Blues was so previlant anyway if you could I like to know if there are any awesome bands looking for an awesome Blues Vocalist if you need a little more info just go to Sacramento News and Review then link to Scene&Heard and scroll down to Key Cupp & Real Men I would really like to speak with you page me 916-819-9754 Thank You so much Key Cupp"

Kathy Rankin
Sun, Jun 04, 2000
"Great Players! Glad to live in Portland Oregon because of these guys! And, Peter does a great job of doing the blues festival, too!"

Nathan deLay Conner
Sat, Mar 11, 2000
"M'm happy to see that the blues is merging more with the internet, though it is still strange to see a harmonica player with a web-page. Keep up the great work."

peik van waveren
Wed, Feb 02, 2000
"paul, here i am writing you again! I just can,t get enough.I was really studying the riffs on Only Me- really great song with great phrasing and a lot of fun to play along with. So I'm wondering when the next one is being released.Also if Evidence is planning on reissuing any of the early stuff on CD.I still think that a double LIVE CD would be killer!! best wishes,as always peik"

Mon, Jan 24, 2000
"Hey Paul, looking forward to seeing you here in Ottawa in February! Check out my website at http://home.istar.ca/~jwjones/ I am a 19yr old blues guitar player from Canada, just won a blues guitar riff off over the city! Later man, keep swingin'"

Maria Urrutia
Wed, Dec 22, 1999
"Hey Paul... I know one of your good buddies..., his name is Mike Evett. He's got something to tell you....,"...,hey Paul I'm puttin' the word in the street about the Paul Delay Band, featuring the finest writer/harmonica player in the world today...," " truly you make the blues RULE!!!...,""

John Huszar
Mon, Dec 20, 1999
"Hey Paul! We saw you guys at the Supercomputing Exhibitor party a couple of weeks ago. You guys were great! You really rocked that crowd. The band was really tight that night. Keep up the good work!"

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